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Medicine Plus Mindset


Designed to help healthcare teams capitalize on the power of mindset to improve patient health behavior and outcomes, Kari Leibowitz and Alia Crum developed the Medicine Plus Mindset Training. Built on cutting edge-research research and adopted by all of Stanford Primary Care, this training program shares insights on how  patient mindsets influence health and equips care teams with skills and techniques to effectively shape patient mindsets to improve outcomes. By giving care teams the tools to shape patient mindsets as part of clinical practice, the Medicine Plus Mindset Training seeks to make care teams' work more effective and enjoyable.

Participant Reactions

"Home run: Kari's evidence-based talk on placebo/mindset."

"Kari was the #1 speaker today; good speaker, interesting data, practical."

"I loved Kari's mindset presentation."

"Kari's workshop was awesome and the structure was effective."

"Really wonderful session that was evidence-based, interactive, nicely balanced between didactic info and audience work and reflection."


"Love that you include the whole team."


"SO helpful and useful for everyone in our team to truly improve our patient care and thus effect their outcome!"


"Clear practical impact!"

“The Medicine Plus training has been one of the best sessions I have attended.”

"Excellent speaker – very engaging"

"It was very informative and a great tool to use to provide better care to our patients. Great presentation and data chosen!"

"Very refreshing. That was a fast 2 hours!"

"I've been waiting for this training for 40 years."

To bring the Medicine Plus Mindset Training to your healthcare organization, contact
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