Kari Leibowitz is an expert at leveraging mindset to improve health and well-being. She combines scholarly expertise with practical know-how to apply the science of mindset to make us happier and healthier.  

Health Psychologist, Stanford University

Kari Leibowitz



Mindsets have the potential to influence not only our psychological well-being, but our physical health as well. My research seeks to understand and harness the power of mindset to improve health, particularly in healthcare settings. By understanding the power of mindset, we can improve our ability to help us do everything from manage our chronic illness better to learn to enjoy winter. 



Kari is dedicated to increasing trust in science and preventing the spread of scientific misinformation by writing about research transparently, honestly, and compellingly. Psychological research has the power to transform our lives - but only if we can access it.

Speaking & Workshops

Kari has given keynote presentations & workshops to audiences all over the world. Her presentations help organizations and individuals harness the power of mindset in everyday life. She combines cutting-edge research with engaging exercises to bring together the science of mindset and participants' lived experience. She has led workshops in healthcare clinics, at schools, during international conferences, and at corporate locations and is available to bring her expertise to select audiences.


"Kari was the #1 speaker today; good speaker, interesting data, practical."

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